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Women of War

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

This week we are talking about the women nurses that run into battle to save, mend and heal.


I loved these photos I found of various nurses through different wars. I know they each have a story.

I wish I could tell them all!

We are in Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery. It is a beautiful and holy place.

Here is a great timeline sent to me by

Sarah and the girls at Lyndhurst STEM club for girls, after finding my post as they study how the fields of healthcare and medicine have changed and evolved over the years. Right now we're working on early nursing and hospital care in the US.

Their Program Director Stacey wrote, "We wanted the girls to learn about the importance of women and their roles as nurses throughout history!

You included some great information on wartime nurses to incorporate into our lessons, so the girls requested I reach out and let you know how much you've helped us. They're so sweet!"

Thank you Girls and Stacey, it's always so great to hear that the podcast has helped, and been enjoyed. This really is a fascinating subject, and it is a huge undertaking. I was only able to scratch the surface, so to speak. But it is so important! Good luck in your studies girls!!


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Former Army Nurse, 100, Recalls WWII Experiences - Department of Defense

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