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Louis L'Amour: Passin' Through

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Don't ever judge a book by its cover! Because this cowboy has the most amazing and adventurous life history I think ever! Louis L'Amour! He is one of the best Western writers of all time. Don't miss this special episode!

Episode 64

Louis L'Amour: Passin' Through

Forest Lawn memorial park in Glendale CA is where I found Louis L'Amour. There are so many amazing sculptures here, and lovely architecture!

Louis L'Amour receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Ronald Regan.

Louis Dearborn L'Amour was an American novelist and short story writer. His books consisted primarily of Western novels; however, he also wrote historical fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, as well as poetry and short-story collections. Many of his stories were made into films.

Thank you to my co host Dallin!!

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