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Who Was John Miller?

John Miller. Friends and family believed him to be Billy the Kid. Was he? Below is a photo that Smithsonian magazine published of a know photo of Billy and the photo of John Miller, superimposed to see if they could see if they were the same person. What do you think?

Miller's friends reported that he loved to tell stories of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War and often displayed numerous bullet scars on his body. ... However, Miller always made it a point to not come out and actually say that he was Billy the Kid.

Billy the Kid.

The Arizona Pioneer Home in Prescott, AZ. where John Miller lived at the end of his life.

This is the monument that has all of the people that first lived and died in the pioneer home. They don't have individual markers. They have their names on this monument. John Miller's name is here as well.

A view of part of the cemetery in Prescott.

The headstone for Billy in Ft. Sumner.

The book by Pat Garrett. Telling if Billy the Kid and his side of the story!

A few documents written by Billy.

A photo found in recent years. They believe that the man on the right is Pat Garrett and that one of the men in the back is William Bonney or Billy the kid.

How The West Was Wrong: Digging Up The Bones Of Billy The Kid

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