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The Titanic's Unmarked Sepulchres

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Somewhere in the North Atlantic sea is the place where the HMS TITANIC

crashed into an iceberg, and sank, taking more than 1500 souls with it.

Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia has the largest amount of Titanic victims, as it was the closest city to where it wrecked. The city of Halifax was involved in the rescue and recovery effort.

Some of the first class accommodations!

The grand staircase!

Shots of the Titanic as it set sail and prepared for its maiden voyage!

Look how it towers!

Here she goes!

These icebergs were photographed near the recovery site.

Capt. E J Smith the Commander of the Titanic, who went down with his ship.

John Jacob Astor and his wife were aboard the Titanic on the fateful trip. They were said to be the richest passengers aboard the ship.

She survived, while He did not. He was one of the men that tried to make make sure all the women and children got in the lifeboats. His body was recovered.

Michel Navratil Sr. Died in the disaster. The father of 2 little boys that were saved. The rescuers had no idea who the children were. Eventually their mother saw an article in a newspaper about two little orphans, and realized that her husband had taken aboard the Titanic, and was able to claim her children.

Johannes Josef Van De Verde died when the Titanic sank.

The family of the Unknown child that we discuss. He is not pictured here. It is the saddest story! The entire family was lost in the sinking, and the baby Sidney Goodwin, 19 months old was the old body that was recovered.

Father Byles of England one of the Catholic priests we talk about this episode.

Titanic route

Items from the Titanic that are in the Halifax Maritime Museum. This deck chair looks good as new!

dinnerware from the Titanic!

Here are our pictures from our amazing experience as we sailed across the site where the Titanic sank. Listen to the episode to hear the story!

so eerie and beautiful! 5 minutes earlier, it was pitch dark!

5 to ten minutes later the clouds move back across the moon....

It gets darker and darker as we move away from the site.

until we are in darkness again..........

Thank you to our Co-Host and Editor Extraordinaire!


Hey ya'll! My name is Taylor. I am the Editor of Stones, Bones & Shadows. When I'm not editing the podcast, I'm usually spending time with my American Bulldog, Lucy Goosey and my husband Marcus. I am a music lover, avid book reader, and a psychology nerd.

My interest in cemeteries really started when I went to New Orleans. The graves there are so different, yet strangely beautiful. One tomb often holds generations of family, bringing them together even after they have long passed. As a budding taphophile, I am excited to learn more and experience other cemeteries around the world.

Titanic sources

Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic The Oceans Greatest Disaster by Marshall Everett

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