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The Whisper of Windsor Ruins

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

In Episode 10 we are travelling to Windsor Ruins. Sounds like something you might see in the UK right? When, actually Windsor Ruins are in Mississippi. There are 23 massive Corinthian columns standing alone among trees, located near Port Gibson, and they are the remains of what was once the largest antebellum home in the state. What happened to this palatial mansion? We dug into this story and what lies beneath will leave you stunned.

Catherine Freeland Daniell and Smith Coffee Daniel II the couple that built the Windsor mansion. Smith only lived in the home about 2 weeks when he suddenly passed away.

The next set of photos are from our trip to Windsor Ruins.

Rhett and Dallin out in front of the Ruins in 2013. It shows the scale of just how tall the columns are. They are around 50 ft. tall.

You can see the brick underneath as the plaster wears away. And look at that cast iron capitol and the iron railings that went to the 3rd floor balcony.

Catherine Freeland Daniell Williams and her family in the years after the fire occurred.

Henry Otis Dwight Of the 20th Ohio Infantry drew this of Winsor while encamped on the grounds. It was found in 1996.

This in the staircase that has been moved to Alcorn College, that were once part of the stately entrance to Windsor mansion.

Here are part of the cast of Raintree county filmed in 1957, posing on the stairs while they were still at Windsor. Do you recognize Elizabeth Taylor?

The Daniell-Freeland cemetery. The family cemetery there at Windsor. It is now much more overgrown.

Photos of the Daniell-Freeland cemetery by Julia Shaffer Atkinson

Headstone for Frisby Freeland. "He that believeth in me, though he were dead yet shall he live."

Special thanks to Julia for the use of her photos of the Freeland-Daniell cemetery!!

Julia Shaffer Atkinson lives in Memphis but takes most of her pictures while driving the backroads of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas searching for interesting subjects and landscapes. Once or twice a year she packs up her gear and heads out west to wander and enjoy a change of scenery. She develops her own film and enjoys darkroom printing.

Instagram: @juliashafferatkinson

Meet my co-host Rhett Scott!

Rhett was born and Raised in Arizona, and is 20 years old. He loves the outdoors, the beach, rainstorms and loves music. He spent the last two years in Georgia as a missionary for his church. Rhett plans to attend college in the Fall.

Thank you Rhett!!

This weeks sources:

Thomas Freeland's Claiborne County Probate Records - 1857

Smith Coffee Daniell, Sr.'s, Will - 1836

Smith Coffee Daniell, Jr.'s, Will - 1862

Vertical File - Smith Coffee Daniel II


"Fireflies and Stardust" by Kevin MacLeod

Edited by slowed down the speed and lowered pitch

"Piano Sadness" by Marina Setrova from Pixabay

"Creepy Night" by Astrofreq from Pixabay

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Jul 26, 2021

Wow. I wonder what it would have really been like to stand outside there before it burned down. Must have been a massive place. I didn't know there was a Windsor in Mississippi. Been to Windsor in the UK a few times and Windsor is the only place I have been to in Canada, right across the river from Detroit.

Great photos, it's looks creepy but very impressive.

Jul 26, 2021
Replying to

It really would have been massive! I've been to smaller ones in Natchez MS that were even massive. It's a great story, check out the episode if you haven't yet!

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