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The Tomb of Marie Laveau

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

We are in New Orleans this week talking about their unique burial practices and cities of the dead.

And one tomb in particular draws thousands of visitors each year to St. Louis #1.


This is a portrait that was done of Marie Laveau. She was light skinned and of Creole descent.

Marie's Tomb!

the Rent a tombs around the edged of the cemetery!

Here's a tomb of another voodoo priest, he also has the 3 x's in a row all over his tomb.

Marie's Voodoo shop. And yes, Randi went in!!

This is her Voodoo shop sign. It is still open today.

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson square.

Episode written By: Randi Dodson

Episode edited By: Taylor Wilkins

Executive Director and Host: LaShelle Scott

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