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The One Horse Open Sleigh

This week we are talking about James Lord Pierpont, the writer of Jingle Bells!

James Lord Pierpont

Christmas carol "JingleBells" was written by the church's music director James Lord Pierpont (1822–1893), supposedly while living in Savannah. The city of Medford, Massachusetts, also claims that the song was written there in 1850, but it has been proven that Pierpont had moved to the west coast to partake in the California Gold.

What is known is that he copyrighted the song, with the name "The One Horse Open Sleigh", on September 16, 1857, while he was living in Savannah. (Wikipedia)

The song was then published then later as Jingle Bells!

Sleigh races! Looks like they got 'upsot'.

The rivalry over Jingle Bells!

His gravestone.

A marker with James, 2 sons and his wife.

His Father Rev. John Pierpont

Thank you Dallin for co hosting!

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