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Silverton: Murder and Mayhem

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

We are back to Silverton this week for some old West Wildness!

Beautiful Silverton!

The Hillside cemetery has the most amazing views!

The two photos above are of the outlaws in the Gang that we talked about in this week's episode. Pretty grisly photo of Kid Black hanging. And below is a photo of the popular Marshall Clayt Ogsbury, that was killed by Burt Wilkinson. I took these in the San Juan County Historical Society museum and Mining Heritage center.

This is the headstone of Harry White from the story in the episode of the two rival teamsters. What a sad story!

Meet my Co-host!

Marcus Wilkins

Born in raised in Mesa, AZ. Alumnus of both Westwood High school and Queen Creek High school. A graduate of NAU with a bachelor's degree in hotel & restaurant management. An avid football fan, he loves his Pittsburgh Steelers and Florida Gators. Prides himself on his random knowledge of all things pop culture/entertainment. From shows, to movies, songs, celebrities, athletes, etc. Marcus can probably answer a trivia question about it.

Many thanks to Silverton, and the San Juan County Historical Society.

Especially Beverly and Kaycie!

And great thanks and appreciation to the work of Freda Carley Peterson.

music credit:

Rattlesnake Railroad, Big Western Sky, Western Adventure, and Battle on the Western Frontier

by Brett Van Donsel

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