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Oakwood’s Angels & Unmarked Graves

When I walk through the gates of a cemetery I always wonder what will lie on the other side.

History is there. So much love and loss. But also joy and remembrance. Having a big beautiful marker to remember you by is so amazing! An epitaph, a quote, scripture or poem. You feel like you can know a little bit about a person. But what about the simple stones with just a name? What do you feel?

And what about those areas of nothing but dirt or grass that is all that is left to remember someone by? What lies Beneath? And whom?

Woldert angel....

Alma Edelina Richter, born April 6, 1926, married John George Woldert in 1852. Originally from Adorf, Germany, the two moved to Texas and raised six children and contributed greatly to the development of Tyler.

Cain angel....

Cain Recording angel

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