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Natchez Cemetery Tour

I am so delighted to take you todays cemetery.  It’s celebrating its 200th year in operation! Come along as I take you on a tour of this incredible piece of American history, For this city is the oldest on the Mississippi river, it’s been perched on the highest bluff looking over this great river for over 300 years. What lies beneath? Natchez, Mississippi

Official logo of Natchez city cemtery.

The entrance and cemtery gates

Confederate Dead

The beautiful Natchez cemtery

Grave of Florence Irene Ford, and the steps that he mother would descend to comfort her during storms.

A photo from Tripadvisor showing someone using an emf detector, showing a pretty good reading!

Pictured is the Case monument before and after restoration, which was accomplished in 2001. It is said that before the restoration, you could see Mr. Cases remains sitting in his rocker, in between the cracks in the bricks.

The Barber of Natchez.

The Stone says, in Memory of William Johnson

Born 1809 in Natchez Mississippi, departed this life June 17th 1851.

As husband, father and friend

His loss is severely felt,

And deeply regretted.

But death opens the door, 

to an eternity of Bliss


Louise. The Unfortunate.

The Yellow Duchess, Catherine Linton Minor.

And below is the Turning Angel!

LH Lawrence's toolbox and bench.

Some other interesting sculptures and funerary art in the cemtery


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