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La Sagrada Familia

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The Sagrada Familia, meaning the sacred family, is one of the most unique and impressive Cathedral in the world. A modern representation of gothic architecture, with intense symbolism and art nouveau design, it is truly unlike any other building on earth. 

The Nativity Facade!

The Passion Facade!

Looking down from the tower!

Looking up from the inside!

The crypt! After Gaudí died in 1926, he was buried in the tomb of La Sagrada Familia. His tomb is located in the underground crypt, in the chapel dedicated to the Virgin of El Carmen. Gaudí is not the only one buried in La Sagrada Familia — it also holds the remains of Bocabella, the man who started this whole project.

The staircase!

Walking down from the tower!

Gaudí was a very special man in many ways — he was so thoughtful. When he took over this project, he decided to build a school on the construction site. It was built for the children of the construction workers to attended it while their fathers work on this magnificent religious building. Also, other children from the neighborhood could attend this school, especially the ones from the underprivileged classes. The school was built in 1909 and nowadays it’s an educational area of the Museum of the Sagrada Familia.

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