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Keeping up with the Jones'!

Let’s take a trip back in time to 18th century GA. Imagine driving down a breathtaking avenue of 400 mature live oaks, that reach over the road forming a tunnel of leafy branches and swaying Spanish moss. This oak avenue stretches for a mile and 1½ after you go through the gates, and as you reach the other side, you will see some of the oldest European-built ruins in Georgia, called Wormsloe.

The arched entrance to Wormsloe!

Can you Bellerive the avenue of live oaks?

Here are the tabby ruins of the fort and first home of Noble Jones.

This is the Family burial Site on the Plantation where Noble and his family were first interred.

The Colonial village

I love the live oaks!

Noble Jones' grave in Bonaventure!

Grave of Noble Wimberly Jones

Grave of George Wimberly Jones DeRenne.

More of the Jones graves in Bonaventure

Episode sources:

Bragg, William. "Noble W. Jones." New Georgia Encyclopedia, last modified Sep 16, 2014.

About Noble Wimberly Jones

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2 Kommentare

Rosemary Hopkins
Rosemary Hopkins
28. Jan. 2022

What a stunning place this is! Spanish moss adds to the creepiness of a graveyard at night. Thank you for sharing. I loved it.

Gefällt mir
02. März 2022
Antwort an

Yes! I love it!!

Gefällt mir
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