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Interview with a Taphophile: The Photo Angel

"It all began with a pile of labeled photos of non-relatives that were mixed in with my grandparents’ old family pictures. Were they friends? Classmates? War buddies? Neighbors? I was determined to find out. So I started poking around genealogy websites and BINGO! I immediately began connecting with relatives of the photographed. Now I’m hooked! I love to visit antique stores to thumb through their pictures in my quest to find those that are labeled so that I may return them to their family members. One woman affectionately dubbed me, “The Photo Angel.” The purpose of this project is to document success stories and encourage others to search their attics and local antique stores for photos with identifiable information and join in the fun! Happy Hunting! 📸

Thank you Kate Kelly for being here on the Podcast this week! Here's a little about her!

"I am currently in my 19th year of teaching as a highly qualified, professionally licensed (Pre-K-8), special education teacher and certified Wilson Reading instructor. I hold a Master of Science in Special Education from Simmons University and a Bachelor of Science in Special Education (Communication Disorders) from Bridgewater State University with a minor in Psychology. I have experience teaching in the inclusion, resource, and substantially separate classroom settings. I also deliver small group instruction for students with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia who have not yet mastered the sound/symbol relationship required for fluent reading."

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