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Interview with a Taphophile: Stones Over Bones

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Fun interview with friend Andrew Carr about Early New England Stones and carvers!

Some of the amazing headstones he's visited!

This one has a portrait engraved! Wow!

Andrew practing his skills!

Letter forms and letters!

Practice makes perfect!

Thank you Andrew for being on the podcast! We hope to see more of your success in the future!

A little about Andrew Carr and Stones over Bones!

Andrew Carr grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, and spent much of his childhood wandering about its old burying grounds. His love for cemeteries deepened as an adult, and eventually led to his YouTube channel Stones Over Bones, which focuses on early New England gravestones, as well as the men who carved them. Over the last year, he has begun to carve graves himself, using the same tools and techniques of 17 century stonecutters.

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