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Interview With a Taphophile: Haunted History BC

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Welcome to our first Interview With a Taphophile episode! We are not the only taphophiles out there, and we are excited to interview some from time to time! Haunted History BC is actually a team of sisters, 2 Taphies! Yay! They are award winning Historians and writers, They also wander cemeteries (a lot) and take amazing photos. They are sharing with us today their knowledge of cemetery lore, and it's a fascinating look into the ideas and practices of the past.... and some are still used to this day!

Gina walking the stones in Kent Cemetery, Agassiz.

Victoria in our favorite place, a cemetery! Whonnock cemetery.

L'Ankou Souvestre - Les merveilles de la nuit de Noël

What did you all think of the idea of the Ankou , the Grim or Graveyard guardians in general? Are there still superstitions surrounding the cemeteries today?

Example of a Yew Tree in a cemetery

I can see why this Cypress would scare people away, but usually Cypress are tall, straight, and point toward heaven.

Like this!

Do you notice the trees in a cemetery?

Ross Bay Cemetery

Maple Ridge Cemetery

Whonnock Cemetery

Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster

Meet our Co-Hosts Victoria Vancek, and Gina Armstrong

Historians who incorporate paranormal research, legends and folklore into their diverse projects. The sisters reside in British Columbia, Canada, and are co-founders of Haunted History BC.

In 2021 they were the recipients of the Heritage Commission Award given by the city of Maple Ridge in recognition for their historical contributions. Their piece, Supernatural British Columbia is featured in Vol 2 of the Feminine Macabre, a book featuring the works of female paranormal researchers, historians and investigators from all around the globe. In 2020 they published Haunted and Haunted Vancouver featuring locations with legends of local hauntings in BC. They are currently working on the book: Evening and Avenues-Hauntings in the Outskirts. Gina and Victoria encourage everyone to take an interest in their communities in order to appreciate the past and to use our cultural and natural diversity as an inspiration to pass along to future generations.

All the black and white photos used above are those taken by Victoria and/or Gina. Thank you ladies for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!

Follow our friends on Social Media and check out their website for more cemeteries and history!

Instagram: @hauntedhistory_bc

Twitter: Haunted History BC @hauntedhistory2


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