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Interview With a Taphophile Cemetery Traveler: Ed Snyder

Make sure you listen to this week's episode about the removal of Monument Cemetery in Philly. And what happened to all of those headstones when the project was completed.

Ed with the headstones by the Betsy Ross bridge.

The Entrance to the Monument Cemetery in the old days.

A Monument to Washington and Lafayette in the cemtery.


Go to Ed Blog to read more about the cemetery!


Ed Snyder is a Philadelphia-based author and photographer. For the past two decades, he has traveled widely in the U.S., photographing, researching, and writing about cemeteries. His focused interest is on abandoned cemeteries. Mr. Snyder has been publishing “The Cemetery Traveler” blog ( since 2010 to document his experience. He has authored three books, The Cemetery Traveler (Amazon), Stone Angels ( and Digital Photography for the Impatient (Amazon). For years, Mr. Snyder has exhibited his award-winning fine art cemetery photography, with many of his images residing in the collections of private owners, as well as corporate entities such as Laurel Hill Cemetery (Philadelphia) and the Warhol Family (Pittsburgh).

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