• Taylor Richins

Ghosts and Vampires of New Orleans

In this episode, Randi and Taylor take us on a ghost tour of New Orleans, one of the most haunted places in the United States. The tour was throughout the French Quarter, highlighting many of the creepy ghost stories in this city.

A beautiful shot of the Cathedral in Jackson Square. Taken during the daytime before our tour. Photo take by Randi Dodson

Jackson square during the day, highlighting all how lively and beautiful it is.

The Cathedral at night taken by Randi, showing a lot of orbs!

Jackson Square at night, learning about the dark History behind it.

The top floor of Muriel's where Pierre took his own life.

A picture of the side of Muriel's

Can you spot Taylor's orb?

How about now?

Pierre's reserved table at Muriel's

Entry to the seance room in the apartment above Muriel's

The red seance room

The LaLaurie mansion. Or, where it once stood before it burned. The area is full of Paranormal activity.

The original LaLaurie Mansion

A portrait of Madame LaLaurie

The plaque found at St. Louis No 1

The Andrew Jackson Hotel, where Randi almost booked our stay.

The tomb that is owned by Nicholas Cage, is he a vampire?

A photo found of a man that resembles Nicolas Cage. Is it him? Is he really a vampire?

Overall, New Orleans is a beautiful, lively, and historical place to visit. We loved every minute of it. Ghosts litter these streets, and if you are a big paranormal fan, NOLA is the place to go!

Thanks again to Randi for providing some photos and writing this episode!

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