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This episode was one that is dear to our hearts. This month is black history month, and we wanted to tell a story that would be hard to listen to, but one that needed to be told. Here are the pictures of this powerful cemetery.

The entrance to Freedmen's cemetery

The statue of The Sentinel. Such a strong representation of black excellence.

The Prophetess, as she beckons us to listen to her story.

The Violated Soul

The Struggling Soul

The view as you walk into the cemetery.

Dream of Freedom

The area where all of the unmarked graves and reintered now rest.

The poem "Here" written by Nia Akimbo that Marcus read at the end of the episode.

Mose Hursey

His story can be found:

Lulu Wilson

Her story can be found at:

William Moore

His story can be found at:

If you would like to read more stories about those that has lived through slivery you can find them at:


Marcus and Taylor have been married for 5 years! They love to dress up in costumes, watch football (Go Steelers!!), and spending time with each other along with their dog Lucy. ❤️


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