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Fortune's Bones

Join us in Waterbury, Ct. as we learn about Riverside Cemetery.

We are taken on a little 'tour' by the president of The friends of Riverside; Martin Begnal.

About Riverside Cemetery (website)

Riverside Cemetery is significant for its landscape architecture which beautifully reflects the natural landscape style and rural cemetery design introduced in the 1830’s. The landscape is graced with winding paths, ponds and ornamental plantings. This exuberant burial ground, dedicated in 1853, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. Riverside has a total area of 36.4 acres, with its most significant monuments having been erected between 1870 and 1920.

Martin giving a tour of Riverside

Some of the brownstones we talked about in the episode.

About Waterbury, Connecticut Through the late 1800s and the first half of the 20th century, Waterbury was known worldwide for the manufacture of brassware, including castings, fittings, and buttons). Situation on the Naugatuck River in New Have Haven County, Waterbury's nickname and motto reflect that reputation - the "Brass City," and "Quid Aere Perennius?" - "What Is More Lasting Than Brass?". One of four cities featured in Ken Burns's World War II documentary, Waterbury was a key cog in America's war machine as its factories led the way producing brass fittings for the country's bombs. Waterbury was also noted for the manufacture of watches and clocks, particularly the $1 Waterbury watch of the Waterbury Clock Company, which became Timex. The company still offers a Waterbury Collection (website)

Thank you Martin for sharing the amazing stories and for being on the podcast!

Martin Begnal is president of Friends of Riverside Cemetery, a group dedicated to preserving the art, history and landscape of Riverside, a National Historic site, in Waterbury, Connecticut.

He is also the assistant managing editor at the Republican-American newspaper in Waterbury. Martin lives in Cheshire with his wife Melissa and their two teenage children.

For more info about Riverside, try their website

Or follow them on Social Media

Facebook at Riverside Cemetery

Or insta @riverside_cemetery_ct

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