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Flagstaff Ghost Tour

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

How do you feel about Ghost Stories? And are they just that? Stories? Stories to make us look harder to make sure no one is lurking there in the shadows? Many have no sources or corroboration, just a spooky tale passed down and told over campfires over and over again.

And then there are those stories that are true…. True crimes that have been committed. So terrifying and so much scarier, because they ARE true, and they DID happen.

Today, we have both for you. We are in Flagstaff AZ and we are taking you another ghostly tour.

The Weatherford Hotel in Downtown Flagstaff, AZ. The location of the honeymooning Ghosts!

The Monte Vista Hotel built in 1924.

And the site of many of our ghostly tales. The Bank robbers, the painted ladies, the bellboy and..... the Meat man!

Looking up at the windows, was the elderly lady watching us out her window?

Part of the newspaper article from the Az Republic, published the day after the Murders. Some of the information that they wrote is incorrect.

The headstone for the four Walkup children.

Marie's headstone on the other side of the double plot.

Looking from the children's graves, back towards their Mother's graves.

A view of part of the cemetery from the Walkup graves.

Thank you to our Co Host Taylor Wilkins!

Sources for this week's episode.

Weatherford Hotel Ghosts

Link for Susan Johnsons book on the Walkup family tragedy.

Book, Johnson Susan.

Flagstaff's Walkup Family Murders.

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