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No Man's Land

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

We are so excited about our very first episode!! Thank you to all that have participated and have joined us for the very first one. Yellow Fever was a nasty disease that ran through Memphis, Tennessee, and many places in the South. So many people lost their lives. In 1878 it was an especially bad epidemic that year. Among the tragedy lies some beautiful stories of many people that stepped up and helped. In the time that we live in now, with Covid-19, you can't help but feel the similarities. There's a lot of hardships, and a lot of people have lost their lives, but many people have helped those that need it most. Nurses, doctors, truck drivers, teachers, and so many more, heard the call, put on their capes, and got to work. We are so grateful for the tireless work of all those people.

Elmwood Cemetery, in Memphis, Tennessee

The marker for "No Man's Land"

The area where No Man's Land is in Elmwood Cemetery

The memorial to the Howard Association who came to the aid of Memphis during their 3 worst epidemics. They helped bring in Doctors to help those battling the epidemic.

Charles Parsons' grave

Dr. R. H. Tate, an African American doctor that helped those in Memphis Tennessee.

The beautiful memorial made for real life angel, Mattie Stephenson, the young woman who came to Memphis to help tend to the victims of Yellow Fever.

The Madam of an upscale brothel, Annie Cook opened her doors to the sick and helped nurse them until well or until they passed. She is sometimes Called the Hero hooker, the Hooker with a heart, or like on her tombstone, a modern day Mary Magdalene. But all she should be called is a beautiful lady with a tender heart. She was taken in the 1878 epidemic while tending the sick.

Our Co-Host for the episode: Amy!

Amy is from Flagstaff, Arizona. She's married to her high school sweetheart and has three wonderful, mostly grown kids. She loves chocolate, reading, history, art, and treasure hunting (a.k.a. thrifting). We love Amy so much and are so glad she joined us for our very first episode.

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