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Braveheart and the Ghosts of Stirling

Today we go to an ancient land. An ancient land and castle that has seen the likes of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, King James the 1st through the 6th. Bonnie Prince Charlie and Mary Queen of Scots. A place that still shows the scars of war and the ghosts of its residents still roam its halls. And none other than an ancient gothic church and cemetery nestled in the shadow of the castle… Ya, it’s real. It’s one of my all time favorites. Today we will find what lies beneath the Stones, Bones and Shadows.

Stirling Castle!

Our Co-host Calum and his wife Alasegi in the castle. They make a great King and Queen, don't you think?

Suit of Armour at the castle.

The William Wallace Monument. The view from Stirling Castle.

Calum at the William Wallace monument! And can you believe that William could have wielded a sword as long as a man is tall?

Here is the statue of Robert the Bruce outside Stirling Castle. Doesn't he look fierce!?

The view of the castle from the cemetery! Next episode, we dig down into the kirkyard history!

Meet our co-Host Calum!

Calum Wark was born and raised in Glasgow, and is 26 years old. He has a natural interest and love for his country's people, history and culture. He moved to New Zealand for two years where he served as a volunteer missionary for his church. In New Zealand He connected with the Iwi (people) there as they had similar passions with their cultures. He also met his soon to be wife there, an American-Samoan. They have now lived in Flagstaff for the last 5 years. Although he has travelled and lives abroad from his country, it has deepened his love for Scotland, and will always be home.

Stirling Sources

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2 comentarios

Dipak Jadhav
Dipak Jadhav
15 jul 2021

First off all i loved those all included images inside the blog, they are hilarious and so natural too! Also reading the blog is really very cool refreshment for me today.

Thanks a lot for sharing

Me gusta
15 jul 2021
Contestando a

Thank you Depak, for taking the time to leave your kind comments and input! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! LaShelle

Me gusta
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