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Bonus Memorial Day Episode: Shot Down But Not Defeated

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Here's a bonus episode just for Memorial Day! When you do a podcast about cemeteries this is a special day! Learn about how LaShelle got to love cemeteries, and hear an unforgettable tale of heroism and determination. We honor and remember an amazing veteran, Sergeant H. Lyle Grant. This is for him and in appreciation of all our veterans on this day and always.

The Grant's Headstone in the Thatcher, AZ cemetery. They were married for 60 years!

Sgt. H. Lyle Grant after returning home, (after gaining 40 lbs. back) What a handsome young airman he was!

Lyle Grant and his beautiful wife Ione. They were both wonderful, fun, positive, and kind people.

The back of his book and his poem that was quoted in the podcast.

The cover of his book, first addition, Titled From Heaven into Hell

(interesting side talented mom, Edith Austin, did the watercolor artwork for the cover. This is small town America folks!)

Here's "Golden Dream", the beautiful song LaShelle describes in the podcast from her college days, at Eastern Arizona College, where Sgt. Grant participated in the program as a member of the Armed forces. He always loved to be in the program and showed his love and respect for his country and his flag. What an amazing sight and sound! A treasured memory for anyone who was there and experienced it!

Click on the Link Below to hear the song "Golden Dream"

A few things Tammy found at the POW Camp and made into a keepsake about their Papa.

He still fit in his uniform after all the years!
Sgt. H. Lyle Grant in his later years. He still fit in his uniform all those years later!

Lyle Grant as he runs his portion of the Olympic Torch Relay! Amazing man in his

20's but also at 80 years old! A true hero and Patriot.

Collage of Lyle Grant's life and achievements!

A park named after him

Daughter Tammy, in Poland as she found the town, and actual POW camp her father was imprisoned. It was an emotional and epic journey into the past.

Underground bunker at the POW Camp

Memorial to the 10,000 men imprisoned at Galag Luft 4, In Poland.

Interviews with the children of Lyle Grant: Vaughn Grant, Debra Grant Spilsbury, and

Tamra Grant Fuentes, used with their permission.

My immense thanks to them for their heartfelt words, Photos and memories of their Dad.

I'm so grateful for their support in telling this story.


From Heaven into Hell By H. Lyle Grant 1989

2ND edition was renamed Shot down but Not Defeated

Used with permission from his family.

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Jun 01, 2021

What a great story! That’s what the flag means to me but I’ve never been able to explain it. Great podcast LaShelle!! I also love the pictures.


Jun 01, 2021

Great job LaShelle. It brought me to tears a few times listening to what he went through. Watching him at Fall Sings so proudly stand there and salute the flag is a memory I will never forget. Thanks for doing this.

Jun 01, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Ginger! I appreciate your feedback and sweet complements! He really was a dear man, and he went through something we can never imagine! And like you said before, about Fall Sing, that experience is engraven on our hearts! So thankful to Dr Lunt for giving us these experiences! 💕

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