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Bonaventure and the Victorians

Along the Wilmington river lies probably the most iconic Victorian era cemetery, Bonaventure.

It is about 3 mi east of downtown Savannah Georgia.

It was formerly a plantation, and it was turned into a cemetery shortly before the civil war.

Here you will find all the things you would expect to see in a

Cemetery from this era; statuary, elaborate tombs and mausoleums. Obelisks, Upright headstones with flowery epitaphs, florals and angels, many symbols of love, loss and eternity. What lies Beneath? Bonaventure and the Victorians.

Corinne Lawton Sculpture with the Wilmington river in the background.

Such a beautiful Sculpture of Corinne.

Wiltberger plot the family responsible for making the cemetery.

The Mausoleum of John Mongin that was broken into and bones were stolen!

Tattnall plot, owners of Bonaventure plantation.

The Bird Girl of Midnight and the Garden of Good and Evil fame in the Telfair Museum.

Little Gracie Watson

MaryTelfair Vault.

Pink Camillias

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