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Big Nose Kate

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The Wild West. It was called wild for a reason. It was a time before a lot of law and order. People who were yearning to be free, and sometimes running from a past as much as running toward anything. They were those who wanted to live in the wide open spaces, who wanted to make a place for themselves. Some came in search of gold/silver and rich minerals found in the ground. They were men and women that were tough, they had to be tough.

Today we are talking about one of the toughest ladies of the Old West, Big Nose Kate.

Mary Katherine Haroney Cummings aka Big Nose Kate

Mary Katherine Haroney (seated) and her sister.

One view of the Pioneer cemetery, in Prescott, AZ.

Last year while in Prescott Az. I talked My husband, Mom and my brother and sister in law into going with me to the Pioneer Home cemetery, there in Prescott.

Kate's simple grave marker

Kate was best known for being the common-law wife of famed Doc Holiday. They had a pretty wild relationship, but seemed to not be able to stay away from each other for too long, no matter how many fights they had. Her name was obviously not Big nose Kate, that was the name she would become known by as she worked as a prostitute.

Born in Budapest Hungary, and died and the Prescott Pioneer home.

A few of the things left for Kate at her grave.

Meet my co-host Garen!

Garen was born and raised in Arizona. He loves history, art, reading, traveling, education, family, and is super lucky to be Lashelle's little brother.

(Awww isn't he so sweet!?)☺

Oh, the 80's!


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