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A Stirling Cemetery

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Last week we explored the Castle and some of the history of Stirling! We now welcome you to the top or the town cemeteries or the old town cemetery, and the Holy Rude church. This place is amazing! Stones dating back to the 1700's, statues, and even a pyramid!

This is the Holy Rude Kirk! This is the view looking down from the Castle, And these are the kirkyards we talked about!

Here we have the pyramid, part of Drummonds Pleasure grounds, and in the background Ladies Rock! I've rarely been to a cemetery with Stones this old. There is so much history here. You can feel it!

Martyrs Monument, dedicated to the two young women who died as martyrs for their religion. The sculpture shows the two young women, the older one reading to the younger while an angel stands watch over them.

Here we are in the cemetery, looking up at Stirling Castle! Can you believe this view!!

Holy Rude Church and Cemeteries.

Another view of the cemetery and the castle above!

Do the ghosts of the castle wander here?

There is such a variety of stones here.

She lived to the age of 92! That was ancient for those days!

Check the date on the one on the left!

They both have skulls and crossed bones, one with an hourglass, and the other hourglass with wings. It's letting us know that time is a' tickin', and is fleeting. soon we will be just like them, and will die and be buried. I like the decorations and the thistle on the one! The backwards 4, is a symbol that the person buried there was a merchant.

Could these Scottish Bluebells be any more perfect in this Stirling Cemetery, giving the landscape color and beauty. I always like to photograph life amid the stones.

Meet our Co-Host Calum!

Calum Wark was born and raised in Glasgow, and is 26 years old. He has a natural interest and love for his country's people, history and culture. He moved to New Zealand for two years where he served as a volunteer missionary for his church. In New Zealand He connected with the Iwi (people) there as they had similar passions with their cultures. He also met his soon to be wife there, an American-Samoan. They have now lived in Flagstaff for the last 5 years. Although he has travelled and lives abroad from his country, it has deepened his love for Scotland, and will always be home.

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