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Interview with a Taphopile: Coventry Circle Paranormal

Updated: Sep 14, 2021 it possible for the living to communicate with them? And is it possible for them to communicate with us? Are they even aware of us? And Can they help us? today we will dig into these subjects, and we also discuss the possibility of us helping them as well? We are talking to AJ Capasso, who after having a near death experience, was changed in ways he couldn't imagine.

There are so many superstitions and stories about ghosts. What is the truth? Can souls get stuck here or chose to remain on Earth? Is it their guilt, pain or desire keep them from moving on?

Or is it residual energy left here that we sometimes catch a glimpse of? There are many Paranormal investigators, but I found Coventry Circle to be different from what I have seen before. They want to debunk the myths and have real conversations with those that have passed.

And sometimes, even attempt to help cross over those that are stuck here. Is it possible?

Check out our Episode to find out all the details! It is fascinating!

AJ working on an investigation.

This is a photo that they took at the prison and look at the ghost they captured! can you see it?!

AJ working another investigation!

Meet our Co-Host AJ!


Hi, I'm AJ Capasso Lead Researcher and Founder of Coventry Circle Paranormal. Ever since I was little I have been able to sense and see spirits, but as I got older it didn't hit me fully until I had a near death experience that changed my life and enhanced my abilities ten fold. I started to embrace and study these abilities to try an get control and to understand them. It wasn't until a year ago when a medium joined our group, that I have been gaining more control and learning how to discern between what I was picking up with my inner sense and what wasn't. I now go to locations and help any spirit that is stuck cross over. And in our private sessions they started coming back and thanking us. So With Coventry Circle Paranormal my uncle and I decided to focus on the amazing amount of Love these spirits have given us, and now through youtube and our social medias we share the awesome encounters we have with these entities. We are focused on giving spirit a voice. Our goal is not to make anyone believe or disbelieve we just hope with the responses we get from these spirits through our devices, we can make people think deeper about life because at our core we are vibrational beings. I believe we are Stronger than we even could imagine!

Click here to watch the Old Montana State prison investigation we discuss in this episode.

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